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Update #14 - March 21 - March 27, 2024

This week has been an opportunity for us to reflect on everything we saw last week at GDC. In particular we were reminded of how excited we are about our ultimate vision: make StoryEngine the foundation of the first, true “everywhere game” that finds players where they are and allows them to engage in compelling narrative experiences across many, interconnected surfaces.

There are several key insights that kicked off our journey. First, the tools used to build games, film, and tv are rapidly converging. We see linear media studios using tools like LED walls to effectively place actors inside video game worlds to accelerate their production at a lower cost. Simultaneously we see technologies like MetaHuman enabling visual fidelity in realtime that previously was only available through offline VFX rendering.

Going even further, these same technologies are starting to emerge in the physical world. The Sphere, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter are all examples of the creative and compelling uses of the same digital tools to create immersive, physical experiences.

What if all of these were connected? What if you could play a game, interact with a movie, and experience a theme park in one, integrated experience where that world knew and incorporated your character, your progress, and your story?

While it’s exciting to see these technologies being adopted in linear media productions, we do not believe those studios are capable of reaching our full vision on their own. Success requires that you understand how to build live operated, interactive games. Our decade plus experience building and running successful live games gives us the knowledge of how to use these technologies to craft compelling interactive experiences that players will love.

The last piece that makes this possible is the emergence of new AI technologies. We know from our live game experience that operating great games requires a unique combination of human talent and exceptional technology. We are taking advantage of emerging AI technologies to build a new type of live operations platform that customizes every player’s narrative journey in a single, grand, everywhere game. Together, audiences will watch, experience, and play in a familiar, but fully new form of entertainment.

That’s a huge and ambitious vision. We’ve thought deeply about how to get there, and we strongly believe the first step is to test this foundation starting from games. Our Chrono-X game lays the groundwork to experiment and find the right mix of experiences, story, and gameplay so we can prove the StoryEngine technology and confidently build towards this grand vision.

We simultaneously know that it is incredibly hard to launch a successful game. Finding an audience is the biggest challenge gamemakers have today. But because we are building a technology that can put a game anywhere, we will use that advantage to put our game as close to our potential audience as we can by starting in social media and on the web. The first encounters with our game will be simple and seamless. They will spark curiosity and bring people into an expanding world that ultimately, truly will be everywhere.

We have a long way to go until we physically step foot into the Little Creek, Colorado that lives in our current demo, but we’ve never been more excited about that opportunity. We can’t wait to meet you there...

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