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Update #17 - April 10 - April 19, 2024

What has RIFT been up to lately?

It’s been a bit of an unusual week here at Rift. Steve has been out with knee surgery, which has temporarily slowed down our development progress. We have, however, continued to make progress on several, other fronts.

Narrative replayability has been another large discussion topic this week. Worlds that live in StoryEngine must be engaging, regardless of when you first discover them. We also want to ensure that players can enjoy all the content we create, not just the latest content.

To solve for this, the story that each player experiences is really their own, built from encounters with other characters that in turn, are on their own adventure. Within this approach, every player leaves their own story in their wake. My story will be different than yours, but will exist in the same world. We might cross paths and our storylines might merge for some time, before diverging later.

We will enable this through reusable content that can be placed within story structures. Our world builders and content creators are charged with populating the world with interesting backstory, locations, characters, and items that are inputs into the stories each player experiences. Interactive components can also be building blocks brought into story structures. While experiencing a story, the structures can use interactive components and gameplay modes. We could build a story that requires players to play a capture the flag game, or to solve a puzzle, or combat in a first person shooter deathmatch. These game modes are infinitely replayable on their own, but their results contribute to each player’s story.

Ultimately we aim to build a platform that delivers interactive narratives to every player in a shared, live, collaborative world. We’re getting closer to the structure that will deliver on this vision.

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