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Update #2 - December 15 - December 21, 2023

Conceptual Solutions for Actor Perspective and Mutations:

  • User Experience: Enhances the depth and individuality of each character's experience in the game, making the narrative more personalized and engaging for players.

  • Performance: Optimizes the computation of state hashes, leading to more efficient data processing and smoother gameplay.

Database Transition from Filesystem to Django ORM with SQLite:

  • Performance: Improves data handling efficiency and scalability, crucial for managing complex game states and large numbers of players.

  • Appeal/TAM: A more robust backend attracts a wider audience, reassuring investors and players of the game's technical stability.

Development of Story Loader:

  • User Experience: Streamlines the integration of story elements into the game, providing a seamless narrative experience.

  • Performance: Facilitates efficient loading and exporting of story definitions, enhancing the overall responsiveness of the game.

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