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Update #21 - May 8 - May 22, 2024

The Evolution of StoryEngine and Discord Integration

At RIFT Games, we are on a mission to redefine the way stories are told and experienced through interactive technology. Our cutting-edge StoryEngine platform is the foundation, and we are excited to share the latest updates on our progress.

One of our key focus areas is the integration of StoryEngine with Discord. We are currently developing a prototype game design that harnesses the power of StoryEngine to create an immersive, interactive experience within Discord. Players will soon be able to step into the familiar universe of Sherlock Holmes and engage with the story in a whole new way. This integration will serve as a testament to the potential of StoryEngine and showcase the core gameplay loop.

Meanwhile, StoryEngine itself is undergoing a significant transformation as we move from the prototype phase to production. The insights gained from our previous iterations have been invaluable in shaping the production version:

Version 1: Linear Script Adaptation

The first version of StoryEngine focused on ingesting existing linear film scripts, allowing players to take on the role of one of the actors. While this approach showed promise, we quickly realized the need for more structure to ensure a consistent and engaging storyline.

Version 2: Structured Narrative Goals

Drawing inspiration from the story development process used at renowned animation studios like Pixar, we evolved StoryEngine to model stories as structured goals within a narrative framework. This version laid the groundwork for a more cohesive storytelling experience, although it was limited to a single-player mode.

Version 3: Global Timeline and Multiplayer

The third iteration of StoryEngine introduced a global timeline and the ability to explore multiple, concurrent perspectives. This breakthrough enabled us to create truly multiplayer experiences, opening up a world of possibilities for collaborative storytelling.

Building upon these learnings, we have rebuilt StoryEngine from the ground up on our production technology stack (go). This new version incorporates the key elements from the previous prototypes while preparing for scalability and performance.

As we continue to explore the boundaries of what's possible, we are excited about the potential impact of StoryEngine on the future of entertainment. By seamlessly blending narrative, interactivity, and social elements, we are creating experiences that can engage and captivate audiences like never before.

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