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Update #23 - May 30 - June 12, 2024

We are working towards the discord playable, which requires the deployment of the fourth iteration of StoryEngine. This update represents a comprehensive rewrite in a new codebase (go) that establishes a robust, production-ready foundation designed to transition from development to content generation.

Simplified Inputs, Comprehensive Outputs

This latest version of StoryEngine simplifies the way narrative and game designers input core elements—such as World, Season, Episode, Character, Goals, Items, and Locations. These inputs are efficiently transformed into dynamic, responsive narratives that evolve with player interactions, enriching the user experience.

Now moving into content creation with dynamic puzzles.

As discussed in previous updates, our efforts are now concentrated on enriching the content within the Sherlock Holmes universe, particularly by developing dynamic mystery puzzles. We've successfully implemented our first automatically generated logic puzzle, marking a significant milestone in interactive storytelling. These puzzles leverage a grid consistency algorithm that ensures all logical deductions are automatically updated based on player actions, without requiring further input. Our initial puzzles operate with simple "yes" or "no" hints—such as confirming if 'George goes with pipe' or negating 'Role does not go with Study'—but they already showcase the potential for creating intricate mysteries that challenge players to think critically. As we refine this technology, we anticipate introducing more complex constraint types and indirect references, allowing us to craft even more engaging and nuanced detective experiences. This development is a key step toward our goal of offering narratives that are not only interactive but also adaptive, providing each player with a unique, intellectually stimulating experience in the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Quality of Life Enhancements: Fact Generation Tool

We have introduced new quality of life features to streamline the creative process for designers. A notable addition is an AI-driven prompt to fact generator, which assists in the creation of consistent and detailed descriptions for new game elements. This tool is intended to maintain narrative cohesion and enhance the depth of the game world.

Overall we are making rapid progress on both StoryEngine and the content we create towards the demo!

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