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Update #24 - June 13 - June 19, 2024

This week we wanted to provide an update on StoryEngine specifically. Over the past few iterations we have gained a lot of clarity and insights around what we believe the best possible platform looks like to enable the products we aspire to build.

Overview of StoryEngine

StoryEngine is a narrative game engine that allows game makers to create massive, multiplayer worlds with guaranteed narrative consistency. Multiple storylines can coexist within a StoryEngine world, each playable by a single player, a group of players, or the entire player population.

Our platform includes a set of easy-to-use APIs that enable game makers to develop games playable across multiple surfaces. StoryEngine-based games can be experienced through various interfaces: from simple ones like text messaging, Discord, and social media, to richer interfaces like mobile, console, and PC, and even physical environments like escape rooms and theme parks. Game makers can tailor unique gameplay to each surface, using these interfaces to advance player progress within StoryEngine.

The core strength of StoryEngine lies in its ability to extend a consistent narrative world across multiple surfaces. It is the first platform capable of delivering a true “everywhere game,” allowing players to engage wherever they are and play in the manner they prefer.

Organizing Your World with StoryEngine

StoryEngine provides composable building blocks to structure your world and the stories within it. These include:

Worlds: The top-level organizing concept in StoryEngine, encompassing everything about the game.

Maps: Playable areas within a world, ranging from small buildings to entire cities.

Locations: Specific spots on a map where scenes occur, facilitating player movement and narrative interactions.

Episodes: Playable narratives within a world, which can be single-player or multiplayer, drawing from world content.

Seasons: Group episodes into batches to manage narrative progression over time.

Actors: Human-playable or AI characters with physical and emotional traits influencing the narrative. Game makers can allow players to control these traits, enhancing agency and self-expression.

Items: Objects within the world with traits and properties that influence the narrative and can be used in various ways.

Goals: Key narrative drivers defining actor motivations and shaping the narrative. Goals allow for flexible progression and compelling interactions between actors.

Building With StoryEngine

StoryEngine enables game designers to craft narrative arcs for specific stories while allowing player interaction to shape the experience. Designers set the scene, character backstories, and major plot points, but the actual story unfolds based on player interactions. Each episode provides a consistent narrative experienced differently by each player, personalized to their unique journey within the game.


With our increased clarity on StoryEngine, we are now building a robust platform that will set a new standard for narrative gaming. Our goal is to empower game makers to create immersive, interconnected worlds that engage players across multiple platforms. We believe this approach will drive significant engagement and retention, transforming the way games are built and experienced. We're playtesting right now, and are excited to share more soon!

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