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Update #8 - February 1 - February 8, 2024

Further Nexus design iteration:

  • Nexus Purpose: A web and mobile app serving as the entry point to the Chrono-X Universe, designed for daily engagement and exploration.

  • Success Criteria:

  • Immediate Appeal: Engage players quickly into the universe.

  • Continual Delight: Offer achievements every 60 seconds.

  • Sense of Wonder: Provide endless exploration and deepening experiences.

  • Long-Term Engagement: Encourage daily returns over years.

  • Self-Promotion: Achieve discoverability across platforms.

  • Core Components:

  • Games: Fun, quick, and repeatable activities.

  • Story: A live, interactive world with constantly updating narratives.

  • Community: Social interactions and player engagement.

  • Interactions:

  • Games influence stories.

  • Stories and community engagement allow for character creation and direct participation.

  • Community and games enhance teamwork and the player experience.

  • Unique Features:

  • Player identity and expression are central.

  • Structured community participation akin to guilds.

  • Game design caters to varying guild specialties.

  • Stories evolve through player actions, featuring episodic content and personalized narratives.

  • Distribution Strategy: Utilizes player activity for organic growth, content sharing, and enhancing game immersion through evolving technology, leading to a future immersive 3D sandbox adventure.

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