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We are a game studio focused on immersive cross-platform experiences, powered by our proprietary technology platform.


We harness AI and dynamic live operations to create personalized stories that are consumable across any medium.

Introducing StoryEngine

This personalized player journey, along with millions of others, is fully powered by RIFT’s StoryEngine, which couples state of the art LLMs & our proprietary game engine technology to create dynamic personalized engagements across the social graph.


Simple input yields rich output, with personalized character creation, personas that grow with time & choices, shared save states that power co-op multiplay irrespective of medium and platform.


A subjectively great game.

An Objectively great business.


StoryEngine powers our first game - DIVIDE. A 3D top-down MMO/Rogue on mobile, console and PC, that puts players at the center of an epic time-travelling adventure.


Brought to life by world-class narrative, deep character immersion and cinematic cutscenes, all personalized by our AI driven StoryEngine.


DIVIDE’s universe expands with weekly content and events across all platforms, utilizing social and live operations frameworks previously only seen on mobile.


Puzzles and mission challenges are all played across different mediums and platforms: social posts, character text chat, Reddit AMAs.

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